Heaven and Earth Energy Jewelry
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Robin Stater’s Heaven and Earth energy jewelry is the latest creative adventure in a life long personal expression of creativity.

Starting with her grandmother Louise’s example, Robin started creating works of art as early as four years old. In her teen and adult life, Robin has been drawn to the intuitive approach to mystical studies. She also has a magical connection to nature and has lived in the Sierra Nevada mountain range her entire adult life.

Since 1990, Robin has had an interest in precious stones and minerals and how they affect the physical and subtle bodies. Her interest in healing, nutrition and health have also always played a profound part in her everyday life.

So now, the Heaven and Earth energy jewelry is the newest in Robin’s transformational creations. The stones have healing energy that help the wearer in different ways. From physical to emotional energies, the stones can be beneficial to the one wearing them.

This method of healing has been known and used for over 7,000 years. In recent years the popularity of healing with stones has grown. More and more people now understand the powerful essence of these minerals and gems and the beneficial properties they have.

Enjoy the beauty, design and healing essence of Heaven and Earth energy jewelry.

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